V Tea House is the official work place for the Vakharia group of companies. RAJ TRADERS has been in the tea business for the past 38 years since 1974. The Company started at Coonoor and is growing every year on the merit of its work and the generation that followed into the business.

Raj Traders was followed by two other companies in the year 2008:

  • Sri Krishna Traders
  • Vells & Company

Raj Traders

Raj Traders has served the tea industry for the past 40 years and is still going strong in the industry as the Tea Auction Commission agents and traders based in Southern India at Coonoor (TN) and Coimbatore (TN).

We are specialized in tea tasting and buying at the auction centres based on the quality, taste and liquors and supplying tea across the globe, satisfying the requirement of its clients. The company also deals in 'Speciality Teas' of supreme quality and taste, some of the rarest teas available in India.

Raj Traders added two more companies into its fold in the year 2008 namely:

1. Sri Krishna Traders

2. Vells & Company

Sri Krishna Traders

Sri Krishna Traders A company established in the year 2008, deals with tea enzymes.

The company supplies tea enzymes across various tea factories in India for the enhancement of the tea during the production process. Tea enzymes are natural products which are made of natural edible elements.

Vells & Company

The company was established in the year 2008 under Raj Traders, and was started by the generation that has followed into the business and are the Tea Auction Commission agents and traders at Coimbatore (TN).

Specialized in Tea tasting and blending of teas as per the requirement of the clients, the company has regular supplies of blended teas across India in all the categories available in tea. (Types of teas: Green Tea, CTC Leaf, CTC Dust, Leaf Orthodox, Dust Orthodox, White Tea, Speciality Tea).


J.C Ceramics

In the year 2012, we diversified our business to a whole new arena and also entered in the field of tiles and sanitary ware by the name of J.C Ceramics.

The firm was established in May 2012, owing to the increasing demand for building materials and interior solutions in The Nilgiris and has been catering to the various requirements of its customers since then.

We cater to a variety of products like tiles, sanitary ware, modular kitchens, water tanks, water heaters, fans, solar powered solutions, furnishings, home automation and customized coffee wood furniture.


Our latest venture is the naturally homemade ice teas and cold coffee called "Nutri- Chill – House of Exotic Homemade Natural Ice Tea and Cold Coffee".

Nutri-Chill began as a concept in 2013. It was an innovation to the world of tea where we serve homemade flavoured ready to drink teas from exotic blends of natural flowers and fruits.It was an addition to world of tea and coffee.

Being in the tea industry for so long we are in the process of promoting the idea of "Piyo more Chai,Pilao more Chai....."

We offer a variety of flavours of ice tea and cold coffee to choose from:

Ice Tea:

1. Rose Delight
2. Berry Blossom
3. Apple Pie
4. Strawberry Splash
5. Lemon & Hibiscus Tea


Cold Coffee:

1. Simply Coffee
2. Choco Blast
3. Hazel Lace
4. Shahi Kesar
5. Cinnamon Bite
6. Orange Melody

We also offer Kesar Badam Pista Milk.

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